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Goal: The goal of the project was to optimize and strengthen the Office Depot brand and its position in the market. This required clarifying the proposition by department/category and identifying new products and service offerings to enhance the brand and shopping experience.

Approach: This project included a complete, one-stop shop experience for customers. The new store design included service zones, technology zones, a gaming zone, a home and office décor zone, and a self-checkout area. Working with the team at Watt International, I helped develop the communications strategy and design many of the in-store environmental graphics, wayfinding and digital wall.

Outcome: The outcome was a modern, engaging and dynamic one-stop shop - a new paradigm for the office supply and electronics industry. The Office Depot brand now offered empowering solutions for every customer in a user-friendly atmosphere.


  • Development of Communications Strategy

  • Design of in-store communications, wayfinding and digital screens.

  • Collaboration with Environmental Design team on in-store zone experiences. 

Office Depot 5
Office Depot 3
Office Depot 1
Office Depot 4
Office Depot 2
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